Enlightened Yoga

Enlightened Yoga is a full fitness Yoga class targeting beginner and intermediate level, who usually experience more challenges when understanding cues about body movement and position. The class features wearable lights which projection the instructor uses to guide the trainees through the exercises, and the trainees use to act upon such instructional cues. As a design particular, this is a multifaceted design object, including a wearable system, selected body anchor points, sixteen Enlightened Yoga poses, instructional cues, and spatial considerations.

Related Publications

Turmo Vidal, L., Márquez Segura, E., Boyer, C., Waern, A. (2019). Enlightened Yoga: Designing an Augmented Class with Wearable Lights to Support Instruction. In Proceedings of the 2019 Designing Interactive Systems Conference. DIS'19. (in press)