Super Trouper

Super Trouper is a design-research project that aims at supporting children with Sensory-based Motor Disorder to train body awareness and motor control through designing engaging interactive circus training. Together with Cirkus Cirkör, the biggest contemporary circus company in Sweden, we organize a technology-supported training course for children, in which they train several circus disciplines (aerials, juggling, acrobatics) together with the Physical Training Technology Probes, resulting in a wide array of uses and training values being supported.

Related Publications

Márquez Segura, E., Turmo Vidal, L., Parrilla Bel, L., Waern, A. (2019). Circus, Play and Technology Probes: Training Body Awareness and Control with Children. In Proceedings of the 2019 Designing Interactive Systems Conference. DIS'19. (in press).