I am an interaction designer and PhD candidate at the Department of Informatics and Media, at Uppsala University (Sweden). In my research, I explore how to design interactive technology to support social physical training in a way that leverages its social processes, which are complex and heavily situated. I design wearable artifacts that can be used as communicative tools to share and access bodily knowledge among different people with different expertise participating in the training practice (i.e. instructors, trainees). Drawing from a practice-based approach, I explore and co-design the use of these artifacts with communities of experts in the practices of Yoga, Pilates, circus training and strength training.


In my research, I also use and develop embodied design methods for body-based technology design to understand and address the social and physical design context by harnessing the bodily, social, and situated experience of those participating. In addition, I explore novel formats for documenting design processes in this domain.


I hold a master in Human Computer Interaction by Uppsala University, and a bachelor in Multimedia by the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (Spain). Some of my research-related interests are physical prototyping, sketching, graphic design and physical training.


I’d love to hear your questions / comments / suggestions, so feel free to contact me.